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 Brotherhood of Thief - Road To Dragon

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PostSubject: Brotherhood of Thief - Road To Dragon   Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:40 pm

Xin chào, mình xin làm Road To Dragon (RTD) a.k.a. Đế Long Hành của môn phái Brotherhood of Thief a.k.a. Lục Lâm cho những bạn nào chơi bên Hắc Đạo.
Xin lưu ý, những Quest nào chỉ nói chuyện NPC với NPC sẽ làm thoáng qua hoặc không làm (Please note that for those Quest just need to talk to NPC, will move fast, or will not be discuss).
Một Quest quên chụp lại ảnh nên sẽ không có hình ảnh (some Quest I forgot to take the pictures) Very Happy

The Mount where a Hero lies buried

Kill Black Shadows Clan in Shi Zhang to get the Flute

Then return to Clan Base, talk to Little Wind, and she will ask you go to the Tomb

Return to Little Wind and type "Yook Gi" as the person in the tomb.

Down Pouring Mountain

Kill 10 Tarantulas(spiders) in Shi Zhang to get Firm Spider Web.

Mountain of Grude

Quest will starts at Xinnan Clinic, then the doctor will send you to go talk to Cao Bei and kill him. Return to doctor and Quest will end at Little Wind.

Mountain of Chasing Wind

Quest starts in Shi Zhang, the Quest will tell you to kill Blind Madman

After return the Quest, you will find a dead body near town to complete the Quest.

Mountain with Many Sorrows

Quest starts at clan base with Deadly Tongue, then talk to Little Wind.

Mountain of Mourning (I)

Quest starts at Shi Zhang, Xuanshe village, Ghost Wolf. Talk to Wang Sengu of Laogou Clinic to kill Bloody Shadows Yan Kezheng.

Mountain of Mourning (II)

Quest starts in Hefei, at Duel Master Clan (Duel Ground 1), then he will asks to find a broken Wooden Flute at the Strolling Valley.

Mountain of Mourning (III)

Quest starts at Little Wind, she will asks you to deliver a box to Ghost Wind in Xuanshe Village, SZ.

Mountain of Wind, Moon, and No Mercy

Quest starts at Little Wind, she will sends you to Tao Sanlang at Hefei. You will go kill League's Beggar Gua Yisho.

And return to Tao Sanlang.

Ambrosia of Live and Death

Quest starts at Little Wind, then talk to Deadly Tongue, he will asks you to kill Giant to get his box.

Eve of the Battle 1

Quest starts at Little Wind, then talk to Jiang Ping in Xinnan, SZ.

Eve of the Battle 2

Quest starts at Black Panther in Clan Base. He will asks to kill Suspicious disciples of League around Forest of Confucius in SZ.

Return evidence to Black Panther.

Eve of the Battle 3

Quest starts at Black Panther in Clan Base. He will sends you to Forest of Conficius in SZ to investigate the Secret Shadows Clan.

After that, talk to Tao Sanlang. Get the antidote from Ten Thousand Venoms Cao Shen.

Take the antidote to Jiang Ping, and return to Black Panther.

What is Love?

Talk to Little Wind and Lady Zheng, deliver a sack to Ghost Wolf

Howling Bloodthief

Quest starts at Li Guan in Datong.

He will asks you to kill Senior Bloodthief Disciple.

Return to Li Guan, then talk to Deadly Tongue in Clan Base.

Nine Dragons Jade Wall

Quest starts at Deadly Tongue. You will send to Datong and talk to Li Guan and Tao Sanlang.

You will have to go kill Bloodthief Disciple Yuan Zhi Yi to get Jade earrings.

Talk to Tao Sanlang, then go back to Clan Base and report to Deadly Tongue.
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Brotherhood of Thief - Road To Dragon
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